TMN Simulation

This FlexSim simulation shows the effect that different levels of unplanned readmissions have on the elective patients and any subsequent queues.

– We are not modelling the actual interventions
– – – we assume interventions result in a change in number of unplanned readmissions.

– We’re modelling the throughput/queueing of Electives
– – – influenced by the change in unplanned readmissions

  • Very simple model
  • 50 beds
  • Non-electives – 227/month (5 days)Electives – 120/month (2.5 days)
  • Unplanned readmissions – various (5 days)
  • Electives get the lower priority over the others

We only looked at throughput and queues, so we didn’t look at:

  • Time of day/week of arrivals
  • Variability of arrivals or stay
  • Layout of ward and its location within the hospital
  • Staffing levels or scheduling
  • Electives getting giving up and going elsewhere
  • Acuity of Electives changing & becoming Non-Electives
  • Fixed/variable costs and other resource constraints
  • Or the actual interventions
  • We’re modelling the effect here, not the action
  • . . . . . but we can.